Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Isle of Jura 12

I had a dram of this with one of the my Scotch All-Stars last week. I hated it. Am I missing something here?

It's smelled like Jack Daniels, had very little to no peat, had little to no oak, had no sherry, fruit or spice. It tasted simple, young and unlike any other Island scotch I had ever tasted prior- in a bad way. The first word that came to my mind was "cheap," probably because it tasted like cheap scotch and bourbon I have tasted in the past.

However- I did sip this scotch in a loud, crowded bar, didn't really get a chance to concentrate and didn't get a chance to focus on the nose. On the other hand, my Scotch All-Star and I both came to the same opinion individually. Additionally, I gave it numerous chances, coming back to it repeatedly over a period of an hour. I have also tried scotches in loud bars before, and come away with great reviews at times.

I really wanted to like this scotch, as I have liked Talisker from the Isle of Skye and several scotches from Islay. I have also enjoyed many coastal scotches as well, for their emphasis on sea salt and brine a la Old Pulteney. Sorry, Jura- for $40, this is grossly overpriced at best.


Anonymous said...

Sorry it took a whole six months for some friendly validation. Jura is disgusting. It reminds me of the salty foretaste telling us to run to the toilet before we lose a good meal and ruin a good rug.

My favorite malts:

Lagavulin 16
Laphroaig 10
Talisker 10
Ardbeg 10

Nathan Dunn said...

Anonymous. Thanks for the post! I was just wondering what my next scotch selection was going to be and I was considering Isle of Jura. Not now. I am going back to Adrbeg 10.

Your tastes seem to fall into a similar vein as my own so I will add a few more recommendations. Laphroaig 16 is worth the extra money. MacAllan's 12 is also not bad. I would rate it with Talisker. If you want something non-peaty but delicious I would recommend Balvenie (also buttery in flavor). I can't remember if the Founder's reserve is better than the Doublewood (I think this is sweeter), but I am partial to both of them.