Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bowmore 18 (Trader Joe's Bottling)

It is possible that my current love of strong Islay predisposes me to dislike the Bowmore 18 (TJ Bottling) ($40). As indicated in my previous post, this scotch ranked at the bottom of the barrel among all three scotch aficionados at the tasting (one of them being me). I would describe its taste as weak, watery, anemic, and barely peaty. It appeared to be trying to appease Highland fans and Islay fans. It failed in both pursuits. It did not have the oaky, charcoal-like character of the Dalwhinnie, and it lacked some of the tasty fruit, spice, molasses and caramel tones of Macallan. Perhaps I could recommend this to entry-level scotch drinkers. If I was a salesman, the word I would use to describe this is "subtle." But to my informed readers: avoid this one.

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Edwin said...

from another site:

Bowmore 18yo (40%, Oak Barrel;Trader Joe's by Alexander Murray & Co.Broxburn)

Nose: Malt and hay, a bit of citrus. Lemon? I like it. This one has a very unique nose. I might not be describing it well, but I am just going to relax and enjoy it for a few before I taste again. Mouth: Wow, more complex than I thought yesterday. Peaty and dry, some citrus again. There is a depth here to the peat, and the malt really comes through just before the finish. A bit of sweatness there, and some sweatness mixing with the peat at the finish. This is special.
Score 90