Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Old Pulteney

I had a dram (or two) of Old Pulteney 12 today ($40) and was impressed. I first tried this scotch about three weeks ago. At that time, it seemed simple and refreshing, but not markedly different from any other Highland scotch of the same age. Tonight I really discovered the mild peat, sea salt and nutty flavors from this scotch. Its taste is fresh and interesting enough to potentially be one of my go-to scotches. Its relatively inexpensive price tag doesn't hurt either. Old Pulteney is a scotch that seems to be a great middle ground between the overwhelming peatiness of an aggressive Islay and the sweet, oaky taste of a young Highland. Next on the tasting list is the Glenmorangie 12 Madeira Wood ($37 at Trader Joe's-if they have it- $45 elsewhere). Next on my purchase list is Highland Park 12 ($40) and the Bunnahabhain 12 ($50ish). The latter is supposed to be an Islay with Pulteney-like freshness and saltiness.

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